TIL Koko the Gorilla couldn’t actually speak sign language and had a bizarre nipple fetish.

Read more: https://slate.com/technology/2018/06/koko-the-ape-obituaries-are-overlooking-her-nipple-fetish-and-other-important-things.html

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  1. That was a tough one to watch unfold and I have to confess that I looked past some obvious BS because I wanted to believe–and I mean I was pushing down suspicions going back to the ’80s, when a professor got a funny look and observed that the data wasn’t being released in the usual way.

    Even knowing that the whole time, I’d forget it all and be like, “look at the gorilla talking!” Clearly I’m just another brand of monkey.

  2. FALSE
    She never MASTERED asl but the debate on how much/if she understood the language is still on going. This post doesn’t fit the sub.

    Did you not google this before you decided to post? Maybe the title is bad but yeah.. this is still debated and if anything leans the other way…

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