TIL Koreans tend to have a genetically lower alcohol metabolism than Westerners, and more vulnerable to alcohol. The standard alcohol limit for males is 3-4 shots of soju, 2 cans of beer, or 2 glasses of wine, while females are capped at 2-3 shots of soju, one can of beer, or one glass of wine

Read more: http://kmapublishing.org/books/chapter.php?no=1&ch=7

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  1. I’m American, male, 6’2, 300 lbs and 3-4 shots would probably knock me on my ass.

    Because I’ve never had more than a taste of alcohol my entire life.

    So I’m guessing an average Korean could drink me under the table.

    And how do you test “Westerner” genetics? We are made up of a vast amount of different genetics, including Korean.

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