TIL Krishna Pandit Bhanji of Gujarati Indian descent changed his name due to British racism hampering his career and started as Ben Kingsley.

Read more: https://wikipedia.org/wiki/Ben_Kingsley

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  1. Omg. And I always thought when they had him play Gandhi it was some racist bullshit because he was white. Except… he’s Indian… and white. TIL.

  2. It’s like the black school board guy in Perris California, he ran with a Hispanic name and did not show his face till voting was over. Alot of people in the city were mad they voted for him just off his name. This was back in the early 2000s late 90s.

  3. Not true at all. Another clown throwing out false racism accusations. He changed his name because he thought his name could hamper his career. Nothing racist about it. Get a life.

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