TIL Kurt Cobain didn’t particularly like his song Smells Like Teen Spirit saying “It’s almost an embarrassment to play.” And “I can barely, especially on a bad night, get through ‘Teen Spirit.’ I literally want to throw my guitar down and walk away.”

Read more: https://www.vice.com/en/article/r7jgq6/a-brief-history-of-musicians-saying-that-their-own-music-is-shit

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  1. like radiohead with creep for a while.

    Johnny hated the song so much when they were working on it he added the chunk chunk chunk chunk part to try and ruin it so they would move on to something else

  2. Same thing happens with Thom Yorke and Creep. If you go to a Radiohead recital people won’t stop screaming asking for Creep. Thom stated he really hate that. Nothing related to art should go trend or hyped. Is the worst nightmare of an artist. I really wish humans stop trending and hyping. Is a modern syndrome that affects every single source of art.

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