TIL Lee Iacocca’s family owned a restaurant but since the Pennsylvania Dutch could not pronounce Iacocca (an Italian name) and said “Yocco” instead, the name was changed to reflect their pronunciation.

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yocco%27s_Hot_Dogs

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  1. Loved these places as a teenager. I’m well past a teenager now. I’ve been meaning for like the last 10 years to stop by the Emmaus area one. I hope this post pushes me to the point of stopping.

    PS: I could easily get from Iacocca’s to Yocco’s.

  2. I have Amish ancestry, and I have no trouble with Iacocca. Yocco? What the fuck even is that? Yok-co? And that’s the name of a restaurant chain?

    When I feel dumber after a TIL it must be really special.

  3. This is really good to know, I guess?!

    But honestly: I really (really) don’t understand the point of this whole post?!

    I mean, ok… I’m glad that some past rich @ ss douche b @ g, named Lee Iacocca, namely the guy responsible for the Ford Mustang–hooray!–and also equally responsible for the “exploding” Ford Pinto which he knew about–which killed and endangered multiple people, boo!–had a family, and they had a hot dog restaurant.

    So ya… Hooray for Lee’s Ford Mustangs, and for his family’s Hot Dogs!

    And boo for exploding Ford Pintos!

    But I mean, ultimately, what’s the main take away point of this post??? I guess I just don’t get it?

    So… Lee’s family made hot dogs? Ok… cool… Like I said, I like hot dogs!

    But ya… what’s the deeper meaning here? Wouldn’t a deeper meaning and exploration of Lee Iacocca center around the Pinto ordeal, at the very least?

    Like… why does the OP feel they want to center our attention around… hot dogs?!

    Again: I just don’t get the point of this post?

    Perhaps the OP will explain.

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