TIL Lodges made by Beavers have two chambers. The floor of the first chamber is a few inches above the water level and is used to dry off after coming out of the water. The floor of the second chamber is above the first, and is used for sleeping and caring for kits (baby beavers).

Read more: http://fohn.net/beaver-pictures-facts/beaver-dens.html

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  1. Beavers are amazing. I lived in the woods for a while and went on lots of hikes, and frequently had to navigate through what I called “Beaver Wasteland” – a large, flooded area. They had constructed an approximately 10 foot high, 60 foot long dam that caused the flooded area. Within this area, I discovered several well maintained trails from higher areas where the beavers would cut down trees, drag them down the trails and into the water, where they had made canals for bringing the logs to the dam. The scale of this operation was amazing – huge. There were several large beaver houses in the area, but all well spaced apart. I never checked one out from the inside.

    Them beavers is smart.

  2. There was a time when shows like Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingom regularly provided this kind of education.

    What happened to those kinds of shows?

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