TIL Mac Owners are 40 percent more likely to stay at a four- or five-star hotel compared to Windows users and Mac users are willing to spend as much as 30 percent more per night for hotel rooms than those who use PCs.

Read more: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/report-orbitz-steers-mac-users-to-pricier-hotels/

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  1. Seems like a bad study in general. If you can afford a Mac, you probably have enough disposable income to stay in nicer hotels. But possible economic factors aside, a person who would buy a Mac solely for its name would probably also spend extra to stay at a nicer hotel because they have their idea of comfort. The average person who owns a PC probably doesn’t care about superficial things as much and would generally be more utilitarian.

  2. This is about fashion. PC users are more likely to fix their own computer and bypass cost by having greater control, which is distasteful to Mac users who expect a larger entity to be responsible. NOW lets see the statistics about the number of complaints issued by the same parties. It’s fashionable for someone else to be paid to solve problems, Mac users basically enforce this culture on themselves, and they expect that paying more makes them less likely to be responsible for failures.

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