TIL magpie birds in Australia regularly swoop-attack cyclists and walkers who get too close to their nests. Thousands of attacks happen annually, mostly a nuisance but also causing hundreds of injuries. In 2018, a toddler sitting in a stroller was almost blinded by a magpie attacking his face.

Read more: https://www.cnn.com/2019/09/15/australia/australia-magpie-death-intl-hnk-scli/index.html

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  1. We had this one that we’d mess with on the daily. He/She used to sit up on a power line at the top of road that sloped downhill for about 50-100m. The road would decline then flatten out about 3-4 times until it reached the bottom where it turned into a T intersection that ran along the beachfront. Anyways like a timed meal me and my sibling would show up on our bikes, sit at the top of the road for no longer than 5 seconds and without fail he’d come swooping in and sit atop the power line. We’d pump ourselves up and off we’d go as fast as our little legs could take us and this devil bird would swoop us all the way down but before it’d get to the last powerline it’d turn around and head back to the top where the next person would be waiting for their turn. We were young and dumb and it was such an adrenaline rush that I’d like to think the bird had as much fun as we did. Thankfully no one was hurt during this. I’d like to also point out that it was a very quiet area so you’d hardly ever see vehicles around but even if there were we’d either use the footpath or wait for the cars to go. Thank You Mr/Mrs Maggie the memories will forever be cherished.

  2. They pinch the food from my dogs bowl, he barks and growls and carries on, chasing them trying to catch them. They just fly up to the power line, sit and wait, then swoop him, scaring the shit out of him, then fly back and sit on that power line again. LAUGHING AT MY 50kg MASTIFF CROSS.

    They are brutal.

    I hand feed them mince in the front yard. They are cool with me, and never swoop me. It’s a deal we have.

  3. Can confirm. I got pecked in the eye by a magpie. By a weird coincidence, it happened a block from a major eye hospital.

    The doctor there told me, as she picked dirt from the beak out of my eye, that a few millimetres higher and it would have got me right in the pupil.

  4. When I lived in Australia my walk to the tram I had to walk past one where it would swoop but thankfully it never attacked. Here in the uk though I used to have a magpie that came to my window and he stole a coin.

    Really smart birds but love breaking human laws.

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