TIL Marcus Licinius Crassus arguably the richest man in ancient Rome was known to show up to burning houses with a fire brigade, offering to put out the fire if the owner first sold him the house at a miserable price. If the owner refused, he would let the house burn to the ground.

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marcus_Licinius_Crassus#Rise_to_power_and_wealth

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  1. When people say “Eat the rich” these are the types of rich they are talking about.

    Sadly the methods may have changed but todays Billionaires are essentially doing this same thing to companies.

  2. He didn’t just do this to just the burning building, but to all the buildings in the vicinity. Fires in ancient rome could easily consume whole city blocks, and they didn’t have pressurized water hoses. So the trick to putting out a fire was to knock down the building and all the other ones around it to starve it of fuel. Of course, Crassus would buy a whole lot more than what he needed to put out the fire, making a ton of money on the fire sale.

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