TIL Marie Curie was not originally nominated for the Nobel Prize in Physics she won. The nominating committee only cited her husband, Pierre; Pierre wrote them a furious letter threatening to decline the award unless his wife was also recognized

Read more: https://lithub.com/when-marie-curie-was-almost-excluded-from-winning-the-nobel-prize/#:~:text=Following%20Nobel’s%20death%2C%20the%20first,who%20made%20the%20prize%20famous.&text=In%201902%2C%20a%20doctor%20on,were%20passed%20over%20that%20year.

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  1. Pierre was ahead of his time both academically and socially. I doubt that many men at the time would have wanted their wives to work outside the home period, much less work alongside them as an equal.

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