TIL Mary Turner, Pregnant, was Lynched in Georgia for Publicly Criticizing Husband’s Lynching. Her baby was cut from her stomach and crushed under a foot while letting out a cry.

Read more: https://calendar.eji.org/racial-injustice/may/19

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  1. This is sickening. No wonder US white people outsourced lynching to the police, so they no longer have to do it themselves.

    Kill a few black people, it keeps the others in line. The cops do the killings, and the white citizens acquit them, it’s a social contract.

  2. And this is why Republicans want to erase history. One hundred years from now the only thing kids will learn in school is how half the country was once really mean to the greatest leader this country has ever seen; Donald Trump. /s

  3. I’d be willing to bet that a significant portion of the lynch mob’s currently living descendants are “Pro-life” and proudly support their “heritage”.

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