TIL more countries use the comma separator (17,6) than the point separator (17.6)

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Decimal_separator#Usage_worldwide

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  1. This has to be categorically wrong unless you’re talking about ONLY humans. Computers generally tend to default to dot across the board. Most languages also use dot for the floating point notation. In binary ofc both are meaningless but at any higher level till just before the language itself it’s almost always a dot

  2. The only time I’ve seen commas used in quantities was for overseas stock prices. I Believe it was on a European stock exchange. I don’t see why a “,” is being used in place of a decimal point. I’ve never seen this used in any US or metric unit of measure. It only leads to confusion. For example, how do you write $1 million without using a decimal point: $1,000,000,00 ? WRONG!

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