TIL: most Americans boil water using a stove or a microwave instead of an electric kettle

Read more: https://www.theguardian.com/media/2022/jun/30/steamed-up-kettlegate-or-is-the-new-york-times-pile-on-just-a-storm-in-a-teacup

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  1. In the UK home power is 230volts. In the US most home power of 120volts with 220volt circuit for specific circuits for clothes dryers and oven/ranges.

    Which means boiling water is faster from normal outlets in the UK. Hence electric kettles just work better.

  2. It’s the way to go if you’re a regular coffee drinker and prefer the ritual of making it yourself over a machine. You can dial in the precise temperature for your French press, Aeropress or pour-over instead of waiting for the kettle whistle and then winging it. I only started using one a year ago and it’s a real game changer.
    Edit: Elecric kettles, I mean.

  3. I love my electric kettle and I’m in the US. Sure, it’s an extra appliance, just like a coffee maker is an extra appliance. But I use my kettle more than I would ever use a coffee maker.

    I used it this morning to boil water for my oatmeal, then again about an hour ago to make broth with bullion for a dish I’m cooking tonight. My husband will use it to boil some water for ginger tea once he gets home from work.

    Three uses in one day. Even my microwave hasn’t been used as much today. All of these people acting so smug about how they can use their microwave – sure you can. But there’s no need to be smug just because you haven’t personally experienced why it’s convenient. Just accept that for some people it is. I’m not mocking all of you out there with coffee makers taking up space on your countertop.

  4. My wife drinks tea several times a day and WILL NOT use an electric kettle. We had one at my previous job and I was surprised at how fast it boiled the water and recommended it to her. She has her kettle on the stove right now, in fact. And, for some reason, she never turns it all the way, keeping it on 7 or 8 instead of 10. Guess she likes it to be even slower.

  5. My drip coffee maker is fine, as it is what I use 90% of the time, if I need something that requires hot water separately I just use the stove. I can also use my drip coffee maker without a coffee or filter to get hot water.

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