TIL most of the male frontal nudity in movies and tv actually shows prosthetic penises, and that generally only bit players are allowed to show the real thingy

Read more: https://www.chron.com/culture/tv/article/How-prosthetic-penises-in-shows-like-HBO-s-Minx-17012985.php

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  1. >[On HBO Max,]The “Minx” pilot does include a minutelong scene in which about 18 bottomless men audition to appear in the centerfold, and flashes of their real penises are shown.
    >Although The New York Times praised the montage for its “unusual degree of realism,” I think it highlights how the show carefully regulates the representation of penises.
    >None of the men in this brief scene are major characters. And the one who’s ultimately chosen, played by Perez, wears a prosthesis, which simply amounts to a costume.

  2. Just because I hope it helps someone:

    Mine can be anywhere from completely unimpressive (shrinkage!) to more than satisfactory, and frankly, if you make her laugh, you are golden.

    The sexiest part of any human being is the brain.

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