TIL MTV recorded a pilot reality TV show where three teen audience members were asked to the stage, where upon they were promptly defecated on from above.

Read more: https://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/story?id=107078&page=1

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  1. This almost seems prophetic in hind sight, because now all MTV is – is just shit metaphorically shat upon us in the form of teenage reality personalities.

  2. Someone agreed that idea was worth paying tens of thousands for that episode to be filmed.

    They probably lost their job the day the lawsuit was filed. Sadly, like the police, stupid people in Hollywood that get fired just go on to another job in the industry like nothing happened. It takes a Weinstein level scandal to get rid of the assholes in any permanent way.

  3. I want to think that was their only idea for the show

    “OK, so the shit shower has been completed… any other ideas for the last 21.5 minutes of Episode One?”

  4. *The footage from the show, part of a pilot taped on remote location, has never and will never air. We are sorry if these women were hurt. QUOTE*

    Well goddammit now I wann see it.

  5. This must exist in someone’s personal collection. It’s probably in a rare format (reel to reel magtape or something like that) which is why it hasn’t found its way to YT.

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