TIL Newark, NJ was founded in 1666 by disgruntled Puritans from Connecticut. Wishing to start a theocracy, they named their settlement New Ark believing they were creating a new ark of the covenant. New Ark remained a Puritan theocracy until 1746 when Episcopalian missionaries built a church.

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Newark,_New_Jersey

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  1. Although one of the founders was a preacher originally from Newark-on-Trent in England, he and several others explained the reason for their settlement’s name in letters.

    In 1733 a farmer was disciplined for harvesting wheat on the Sabbath. Unhappy with his treatment, he encouraged Episcopalians to move to the area. His prayers were answered in 1746 when Episcopalian missionaries arrived and built a church ending the Puritan theocracy.

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