TIL None of the Beatles actually knew how to read or write music…

Read more: https://globalnews.ca/news/4503916/paul-mccartney-cant-read-music/amp/

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  1. They didn’t know how to read or write STANDARD NOTATION, but they did/do know how to write lyrics and note down chords, essentially creating a “lead sheet” for the song.

    Many musicians use alternate notation to put their music on paper.

    Oh, and George Martin and his team DID transcribe every Beatles song onto paper. It was published as a book “The Beatles – Complete Scores” (around 1130 pages).

  2. Michael Jackson couldn’t either, he wrote by singing what he wanted to the players who then played it. Even Prince who played like every instrument couldn’t read sheet music

  3. As a kid, I was in the school band, and played a basic wind instrument (clarinet), and learned the traditional way. I would have struggled with the idea of learning to play an instrument without reading music based on that experience. I struggled with the idea of ever playing off ear, even though I played a long time and was pretty proficient for a high school aged kid.

    However, as an adult, I’ve started on the guitar, and, it makes a lot more sense to me playing off more of a general feel. You generally just need to know the chord progression and the strumming pattern.

    It’s still remarkable that the Beatles were as talented as they were though without that baseline foundation, but, it likely speaks to their early start in music, and ability to communicate their song ideas to each other without it. The Get Back documentary is a great window in to how they created, and, you can see how little formal sheet music could even factor into those sessions.

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