TIL Numerous breweries have made their own version of The Simpsons’ Duff Beer. The results of these knockoffs has been lawsuits, destruction of merchandise, and the censorship of Duff on The Simpsons in France due to alcohol advertising laws.

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Duff_Beer

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  1. https://web.archive.org/web/20120920233850/http://www.ouest-france.fr/actu/actuDet_-W9-censure-la-Duff-la-biere-d-Homer-Simpson_39382-2114148_actu.Htm

    >Simpsons fans choke on the internet, America’s ‘craziest’ family gets censored by W9. Since the start of the school year, the chain has blurred the name of Duff, the favorite beer of Homer, the father. A decision that seems mind-blowing, as the drink is an integral part of the animated series. Its mascot Duffman had to be renamed Uffman.

    >This blurring has an explanation. Until 2011, this beer was fictitious. Since then, a German brewery has marketed a version in France. W9, it’s the law, cannot advertise it. Even if the Duff met with only limited success: the Cholet company which distributed it in the West was liquidated in May.

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