TIL of a trend in 1990s modeling culture that emphasized models with emaciated figures, pale skin, messy hair, and dark circles beneath the eyes – commonly known as “Heroin Chic.”

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heroin_chic?wprov=sfla1

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  1. Look at models in the 80s vs the 90s. Models have always been thin but the 80s models looked thin and healthy while models in the 90s began the trend of being hangers for clothing. This only shifted again more recently because of the Kardashians and the typical body type is again unattainable but more now that you need money to attain this body type – it’s not natural – the 80s, people had to work out for their bodies, 90s, people had to starve, same for three aughts, now, models have to have surgery to be a model. It’s ridiculous

  2. Why would anybody react to healthy looking 80s models by promoting rail thin 90s models? Those black and white ads made my 8 year old self sad.

  3. Yep, this was in part due to the Goth subculture that developed through the 80s and would be vaguely reincarnated in Emo subculture by the early-mid 2000s.

    All of the above found its roots in the gothic lit and similar dark-themed artworks of the late 1800s and early 1900s which themselves formed the base of the aesthetic.

    If we wanna go further back, there are a bunch of very dark fairy tales and similar movements going back into the fog of history, but it’s far from unprecedented.

    Culture is weird. Not just in its development but in its observation. We see trends, very similar styles, thoughts, and greater aesthetics come about. Yet, each time they’re reincarnated, rather than summing them up into parts of an overarching hierarchy, these new subcultures or larger cultures are given a name for themselves.

    Strange, but I suppose no one is keeping track of EVERYTHING, so it only makes sense. Although it amuses me to think of a board of insanely colorful, and awfully drab, individuals keeping track of every subculture, art, and fashion style that has come into being across human history.

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