TIL of AHSP, a Canadian weather modification program funded by insurance companies to reduce claims by equipping airplanes with “seeding” chemicals such as silver iodide to spray into the atmosphere, reducing thunderstorm severity. This practice has slowly been expanded worldwide

Read more: https://fuseinsurance.ca/alberta-hail-suppression-project/

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  1. Note: it says *airplanes*, not *airliners.*

    This is not some sort of validation of chemtrail conspiracies. Weather modification has been around for awhile, and isn’t performed as a service by air carriers, lol.

  2. Why does this sound suspiciously like the chem trail “conspiracy theory” are you telling me that the chem trail believers just mistook insurance company overeating with government plot?!

    Also wouldn’t this produce results that look like global warming and could throw off the predictive models of climate scientists that don’t know of the program!

  3. There’s no way this could ever have negative side effects! You breeders are nuts! Go back to your cell phones and TV dinners. There’s nothing to see here.

  4. Hell no! We already have to deal with climate change from emissions and pollution! Why are continuing to mess with nature? Who knows what the long term effects could be? Just let it rain!

  5. Look up HAARP
    High auroral activity research project
    Then ask question.. China russia USA have had tech for years. Uses frequencies to-do many scary things.. Does anyone know how a microwave works?

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