TIL of Alfred Nourney, a German man and social climber who purchased an expensive wardrobe and booked a 1st class ticket on Titanic pretending to be “Baron Alfred von Drachstedt.” Because of the sinking, his ruse was revealed and is what he is best remembered for.

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alfred_Nourney

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  1. “…boarded Lifeboat #7 without difficulties, lowering away at 12:45 am. While the others were rowing, he sat motionless, smoking cigarettes…..

    While on board the Carpathia, he rested on a pile of blankets which were to be distributed among the survivors. A woman who entered the room pulled the uppermost blanket, making Nourney roll onto the floor. As everyone applauded the woman, he disappeared.”

    Sounds like a top bloke.

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