TIL of Balseria, a traditional sport practiced by the Ngäbe people of Panama. The sport consists of two players who take turns throwing a 4ft long stick at their opponent’s legs. The objective is to hit the opponent below the knees until he can no longer continue. it is outlawed by the government.

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ng%C3%A4be#Balseria

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  1. When I was in Iraq in 2004 when we were bored we would play “flippy knife”, we would go to the PX and buy a brand new literally razor sharp combat knife and then gently underhand toss it to each other, one toss for each person then both took a step back, you got points when you caught the knife and lost points when you didnt, either if you couldn’t hold onto it or because you bitched out and bailed and didn’t try, 1 step was 1pt, 2 steps was 2, 3 steps back was worth 3 and so on

    We played all the time until one guy missed and severed the tendon on his thumb and had to get evacced for orthopedic surgery lol

    (No I wasn’t in the military, I was there as a DoD construction contractor)

  2. Reminds me of this dumb game we used to play in middle school called “quarters” where you’d have to knuckle down on the table and take turns sliding quarters at each other’s knuckles until someone pussed out.

    Every time someone my age rips on the younger generation for being dumb I like to point out how stupid *we* were when *we* were kids.

    Anyway these are all really just variations on the theme of “chicken.”

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