TIL of Elan School, a child behavior modification camp operating from 1970-2011. Using Lord of The Flies style techniques, they would psychologically destroy the children for years, leading to extraordinarily high suicide rates. If a child escaped, bounty hunters would chase them across the country.

Read more: https://www.darkdowneast.com/episodes/elanschool

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  1. An extraordinary firsthand account can be found [here](https://elan.school). It is a comic that has shaken me to my very core.

    Edit: **here is some other stuff I couldn’t fit in title**:

    – the first night the child is enrolled, the camp would coordinate with the parents to stage a “kidnapping” while the child is asleep. 5 or more people would run in the room, restrain them, and throw them in the van.

    – a common punishment involved having a misbehaving child box (with real boxing gloves) one child at a time until they were beaten up too much too fight.

    – “isolation” was another common punishment. If a child could not meet the program’s standards, they had to sit in a chair and stare at a blank wall all day. This often went on for months, causing many children to go completely insane.

    – all communication was cut off with parents. Any communication that came in was monitored. Any communication that went out was written by the program.

    – if a child earned a weekend with their parents, another kid of the program was forced to go with them. If the child alerted the parents to any abuse, the accompanying child would end the visit immediately. Then both children were severely punished and their stay at the camp was extended.

    – nobody has been held criminally responsible yet.

    ***seriously. Read the comic. It is insane. There are also many documentaries online***

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