TIL of French President Paul Deschanel, who fell out of the window of his sleeping compartment. He was discovered wandering about in the dark, in his pyjamas, claiming to be the President of France, in 1920.

Read more: https://storytellershat.com/2016/12/01/paul-deschanel-the-uncommon-president/

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  1. Well, he *was* the President of France in 1920.

    But for some real strangeness…

    >Soon afterwards, Deschanel walked out of a state meeting, straight into a lake, fully clothed. His resignation was offered on 21 September 1920, and he was placed in a sanatorium at Rueil-Malmaison for three months.

    >After his release he was elected to the senate in January 1921, serving until his death.

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