TIL of Jack Gilbert Graham, bombed his mothers flight to claim life insurance he purchased from a vending machine at the airport.

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jack_Gilbert_Graham

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  1. There were 44 passengers who boarded the aircraft.
    They boarded the aircraft before being killed.
    By the young man who detonated the bomb; He targeted his mother;
    He detonated the bomb to bring down the aircraft, and he did so to further his own interests. I suppose he was insane.

    (Dark Slaughter, macabre)

  2. Similar circumstances occurred in Washington, where the repeal of an out-of-date sodomy law in 1976 led to the discovery that bestiality had been unintentionally made legal. Until the Mr. Hands incident made people aware of their error, they had not reinstated the ban.

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