TIL of Labi Siffre. Dr. Dre wanted to sample his 1970s song “I got the…” for Eminem’s “My Name Is” but Siffre, openly gay, initially refused, demanding sexist and homophobic lyrics be removed. Dre and Eminem made changes and the song became a massive hit.

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/My_Name_Is?wprov=sfla1

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  1. That Labi Siffre song is AMAZING. Spotify recommended it to me about a year ago and I love it so so much, way beyond whatever it did for Eminem

  2. Eminem rarely ever changes his lyrics largely because of this.

    He’s also wrongfully accused of being homophobic a lot. Completely ignoring the fact the dude is a very close friend of Elton John and did a duet WHILE holding holding hands with him.

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