TIL of Lt. Col William Rankin. In 1959 he was forced to eject from the F-8 jet he was flying. He ejected over a thunderstorm, and the fluctuations of air pressure caused his parachute to open prematurely. As a result he was carried aloft in the thunderstorm for over 40 minutes before landing.

Read more: https://theaviationist.com/2020/07/26/the-incredible-story-of-the-man-who-rode-the-thunder/

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  1. Me: that actually sounds super awesom-

    “Rankin will describe the agony of decompression, the feel of near-supersonic jet blast on bare skin at -70° degrees Fahrenheit, and then it gets worse as he descends into the actual maelstrom of thunder and lightning.”

    …ummm never mind.

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