TIL of Marie-Antoine Carême, a french chef who is widely considered as the founder of haute cuisine and one of the first internationally renowned celebrity chefs. Carême died at the age of 48, due perhaps to many years inhaling the toxic fumes of the coal burning stoves over which he cooked.

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marie-Antoine_Car%C3%AAme?pissant

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  1. Carême was also completely wasted on Napoleon, who preferred simple food served promptly and sometimes joked “If you want to eat well, go to the Third Consul, if you want to be entertained well while eating, go to the Second Consul, if you want to eat quickly, come to me.”

  2. He became famous for his constructions of elaborate confectionery centerpieces which were modelled based on temples, pyramids and ancient ruins. Napoleon was one of his clients

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