TIL of Paul Elder Kingston, leader of the fundamentalist polygamist Mormon sect “Latter Day Church of Christ”. He is estimated to have up to 300 children.

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Elden_Kingston

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  1. Great wiki page.

    >For more than a decade, the group has publicly spoken out against child-bride marriages and the DCCS has a policy encouraging its members to marry within the legal age of consent.

    Wow- more than a decade of ‘encouraging policy’… that’s an interesting way to phrase “Vocal proponent of pedophilia until around 2010”.

    And I love how they use ‘intra-family’ marriage but link to the correct term- ‘incest’.

  2. This country needs laws to curb such people. At some point we’ve gotta worry about the genetic implications of this type of breeding and how it will impact generations to come.


    There’s no conceivable reason for a man in the 21st century to have 300 fucking kids.

  3. It’s a big money racquet. They own a lot of industrial low-prestige type businesses like cooking oil recycling. They do what early Mormon leaders did and basically marry only for control over family estates. Marry kids, widows, even old ladies. They rule over all those clans.

  4. Can someone do the math on this?

    Assuming he fathered 300 children, in how many years/generations will pass before he is a common ancestor to the majority of the world population?

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