TIL of Solomon Spalding, a novelist who’s last unfinished manuscript was a historical novel about the Romans discovering America, is said to have been rewritten as the Book Of Mormon by Joseph Smith after he passed away.

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solomon_Spalding

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  1. I really want Spalding-Rigdon to be true. It explains so many little coincidences that otherwise don’t mean anything. It just doesn’t have anything concrete enough to hang your hat on.

  2. This Joseph Smith character sounds rather unscrupulous. I’m sure his lengthy and well-known history of crimes and deceptions will ensure that no reasonable person trusts him as anything other than a petty liar and conman.

  3. Unfinished and undiscovered. Super interesting, though I do take it with a grain of salt since Mormons were being persecuted pretty heavily at the time and I wouldn’t put it past people to fib a bit to make the religion look bad.

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