TIL of Sophia Blanchard one of the first women to fly hot air balloons. She lost consciousness on a few occasions, endured freezing temperatures and almost drowned when her balloon crashed in a marsh. In 1819, she died when her air balloon crashed. 10 years earlier her husband died the same way.

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sophie_Blanchard

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  1. She was a baloonin’ son of a gun, boy howdy. I bet she’d have lived in a balloon if she could! Can you imagine. Living in a balloon. It’s RIDICULOUS! On a side note do you think she threw her poops overboard or did she hang her butt off the side?

  2. That’s wild. I’ve been researching a pilot who flew for the Weather Bureau in the 30s and he had similar experiences losing consciousness and enduring insanely cold temperatures on his flights. The fact that he flew over 100 years *after* this lady died kinda blows my mind.

    Early aviation is so interesting. I’m not even brave enough to fly in a hot air balloon in 2021, she was out there doing it, professionally no less, at a time when there were still so many unknowns.

  3. “she launched fireworks that ignited the gas in her balloon” and “She used a hydrogen-filled gas balloon (or Charlière)” hmmmm she died in a freak fireworks and hydrogen accident.

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