TIL of the 1994 San Marino grand prix. An Austrian driver, Roland Ratzenberger, died during the qualification stage. During the race, Ayrton Senna crashed and died while he was in the lead. A new set of safety standards were introduced and the next Formula One fatality would only occur in 2014.

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Death_of_Ayrton_Senna?SanMarino

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  1. There are two things which always get to me when I think of Senna’s crash. The first one is this:

    >It was later revealed that, as medical staff examined Senna, a furled Austrian flag was found in his car—a flag that he had intended to raise in honour of Ratzenberger if he won the race.

    Enough to make me cry already. And then there’s the fact that Senna saved fellow driver Erik Comas during a crash two years earlier – while Comas was powerless to return the favour for Senna. Due to a miscommunication, Comas arrived at the scene of Senna’s crash despite red flags, and witnessed how they were trying to revive him.

    Senna was one of the greats. Netflix has a documentary about him, can definitely recommend it.

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