TIL of the Goa Inquisition in Portuguese India which enforced Catholic Orthodoxy from 1561 to 1812. Primary targets were Hindus who were forced to convert under imprisonment and starvation. All records were destroyed by the Portuguese in 1812 and exact number of casualties still remain unknown today

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goa_Inquisition

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  1. Here were some of the orders issued by the Goa Inquisition :

    * Non-Christians were forbidden from occupying any public office, and only a Christian could hold such an office.
    * Hindus were forbidden from producing any Christian devotional objects or symbols
    * Hindu children whose father had died were required to be handed over to the Jesuits for conversion to Christianity
    * Hindu women who converted to Christianity could inherit all of the property of their parents
    * Hindu clerks in all village councils were replaced with Christians
    * Christian ganvkars (freeholders) could make village decisions without any Hindu ganvkars present, however Hindu ganvkars could not make any village decisions unless all Christian ganvkars were present; in Goan villages with Christian majorities, Hindus were forbidden from attending village assemblies, Christian members were to sign first on any proceedings, Hindus later
    * In legal proceedings, Hindus were unacceptable as witnesses, only statements from Christian witnesses were admissible
    * Hindu temples were demolished in Portuguese Goa, and Hindus were forbidden from building new temples or repairing old ones. A temple demolition squad of Jesuits was formed which actively demolished pre-16th century temples, with a 1569 royal letter recording that all Hindu temples in Portuguese colonies in India have been demolished and burnt down
    * Hindu priests were forbidden from entering Portuguese Goa to officiate Hindu weddings


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