TIL of the Hatfield-McCoy family feud, one of the most famous in America. Both families were Confederates, but one of the McCoys fought for the Union. While returning home from the war, he was murdered by a Confederate militia with the prime suspect being a Hatfield.

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hatfield%E2%80%93McCoy_feud

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  1. The Hatfields and McCoys 3 episode series from History Channel was good. Kevin Costner and Bill Paxton. Not sure on historical accuracy but entertaining 👍🏻

  2. Man, why would you “go home” after fighting on the opposing side of a civil war? There’s no fucking way I’d go back home to the south after leaving to fight for the union. That’s like being at your high school graduation and flipping everybody the bird, telling them “y’all all fucking suck. This one horse town sucks, and all y’all losers staying here are fucking idiot cousin fuckers that will work dead end jobs till you die! I’m going to Hollywood to be star! Eat my fucking ass!!”

    Then coming back home after a few years and thinking everyone is gonna be cool about it.

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