TIL of the Lodz Ghetto, where at one point 20000 ‘useless eaters’, mainly children under 10, were rounded up and taken away from their families to be exterminated. Many parents committed suicide.

Read more: https://www.thefirstnews.com/article/the-systematic-massacre-of-all-children-under-10-will-forever-be-a-stain-on-humanity-says-tfns-stuart-dowell-15611

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  1. How can you kill a child?

    I can’t even begin to comprehend the hatred you must have in your heart to be that big of a piece of garbage.

    They deserve hell for eternity

  2. When I see things like this I’m reminded that the kind of people who did this, facilitated this and ignored this didn’t vanish after the war. It’s a part of us that comes out when the majority of us decides to ignore it.

  3. Very disturbing. And I’m somewhat upset, I’ve never heard of this before. This should be more spoken about. This is a different level of Evil, that we should shine more light on.

  4. OP, I hate you for making me cry. But thank you for reminding me of the evil of humanity.

    We need to keep learning about these events so that we can always fight prejudice.

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