TIL Peekaboo is the example of object permanence in infants which helps to develop sensory capabilities in kids with cognitive development.

Read more: https://nutspace.in/object-permanence-babies-toddlers-playing-peekaboo/

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  1. It amazes me how many people never learned this growing up.

    Roughly 85% of arguments I have online are with people who assume that people who know more than them are automatically wrong, like if they aren’t personally aware of a fact that fact does not exist.

    Like yesterday I had an argument with multiple people who insisted the Sahara desert was as green as Europe. Multiple people believed one of the largest deserts on earth didn’t exist because they didn’t know about it. Therefore I must be wrong by default.

    Then they told me I had a superiority complex for knowing basic third grade geography and telling them to stop talking down to others.

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