TIL people in the Middle Ages believed the equator to be impassably hot. Therefore, either Jesus would’ve have to appear separately to the Southern Hemisphere or its natives would be damned to Hell under the beliefs of the time.

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antipodes

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  1. I always wondered what people in the middle ages thought about the bible. I mean if you can’t read and the only reading you get to hear is a guy translating a Bible from Latin once a week how would you imagine the Holy land when all you know of life is a half days travel from your hovel in middle of England?

  2. The wikipedia article only mentions this concept once and without attribution. The Egyptian empire was one of the centers of civilization and not far from the equator. I don’t believe this claim anymore than the claim that people thought the Earth was flat. It’s bs.

  3. >However, knowledge of the spherical Earth was widespread during the Middle Ages, only occasionally disputed—the medieval dispute surrounding the antipodes mainly concerned the question whether people could live on the opposite side of the earth: since the torrid clime was considered impassable, it would have been impossible to evangelize them. This posed the problem that Christ told the apostles to evangelize all mankind; with regard to the unreachable antipodes, this would have been impossible. Christ would either have appeared a second time, in the antipodes, or left the damned irredeemable.

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