TIL Philippe II Auguste once suggested a duel between five champions on each side to decide a battle between France and England, but changed his mind after Richard the Lionheart suggested that the kings were among the champions, as Richard was too good of a knight.

Read more: https://vdoc.pub/documents/game-of-thrones-versus-history-written-in-blood-3pk4j28ovj5g

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  1. Relevant passage from the book Game of Thrones versus History: Written in Blood by Brian A.Pavlac:

    ***When two armies faced each other, the idea was sometimes floated of deciding the battle through a duel of champions.38 King Philip II “Augustus” (r. 1179–1223) offered five champions from each side in order to decide a battle, but changed his mind when King Richard “the Lionheart” insisted that the kings be among the champions. The advantage would have gone to Richard, one of the greatest knights of his time, over Philip, who was not really a fighter. At the siege of Tournai at the beginning of the Hundred Years’ War, King Edward III challenged King Philip VI to settle their differences either between the two of them alone or with 99 other knights. A similar offer came at the siege of Calais (1346–1347). “The Last Knight,” Emperor Maximilian, suggested a duel to King Francis I of France. Just as in Game of Thrones, though, no one ever took up such offers; they remained fantasy. This meant that battles would be fought by feudal forces.***

    A bit funny, that all the three kings who opted out were French kings.

    Not really fair for Philip VI (1293-1350) though as he was much older than Edward III (1312-1377).

    Maximilian I (1459-1519) though was much older than Francois I (1494-1547). Maybe Francois (He later challenged and almost succeeded in getting a fight against Maximilian’s grandson Charles V. Charles V also challenged him in another occasion but it seemed external factors did not allow them to organize such duels. Too bad because they were probably equals as individual fighters.) did not want to physically fight an old man? Maximilian was still robust in old age though. Enough to command Henry VIII’s army and led the cavalry charge at age 53 at the Battle of the Spurs (Henry’s advisors did not let him do that because the king was inexperienced on the battlefield). There were also at least two occasions he killed French knights in pre-battle duels.

    I would like to see Richard I Prime vs Max I Prime, maybe in different modes of combat too.

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