TIL Popeye the sailor man was inspired by a Polish sailor named Frank ‘Rocky’ Fiegel

Read more: https://historyofyesterday.com/popeye-the-sailor-man-was-inspired-by-real-people-9c4d60183622?gi=4159c0eec441

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  1. Note that the thumbnail isn’t Fiegel, it’s an unknown sailor nicknamed Popeye. Popeye was a popular character at the time so he’s nicknamed after the character not the other way around. He’s likely doing an impression for the photographer, but who can say?

    Fiegel also wasn’t a sailor.

    The whole article about how Popeye wasn’t brave or a sailor until “other cartoonists” found that unknown sailor in the thumbnail is also total bullshit. What other cartoonists?

    “Hey he looks like Popeye and his nickname is Popeye! I bet he’s the inspiration! It’s not possible the picture is 11 years newer than Popeye so the sailor who smokes a corncob pipe might be squinting on purpose! Pretty sure Popeye is a cartoon from the 60s, not a comic from the 30s!”

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