TIL Queen Elizabeth II is the fourth longest reigning monarch of a sovereign state ever, ahead of Kʼinich Janaabʼ Pakal I of Palenque, and behind Johann II of Liechtenstein. If she is still alive on 26 May 2024, she will take 1st place from Louis XIV of France.

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_longest-reigning_monarchs#Monarchs_of_sovereign_states_with_verifiable_reigns_by_exact_date

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  1. Still not sure about time measurement for Pakal I of Palenque. But she is doing quite well, hope she beats all the others, and at the end, just roaches and her will rule the world.

  2. TIL Louis XIV is the longest reigning monarch of a sovereign nation ever, and Queen Elizabeth II would have to rule until 26 May 2024, about 19 more months, at which point she would be 97 years old, to surpass him. That said, Louis became king at age 4. But after age 27 when he took personal charge, he wielded far more power than Queen Elizabeth II or most other monarchs in history.

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