TIL Richard Simmons hasn’t been seen in public since 2014 and there are a lot of rumors about why.

Read more: https://www.eonline.com/news/844557/why-this-new-richard-simmons-photo-and-message-make-his-disappearance-even-more-confusing

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  1. Even though Richard hasn’t said anything publicly, his brother, Lenny, has, according to People.

    “After 40-some odd years, he just decided that he wants to rest,” Lenny said to People Magazine. “He’s 68 years old now, and he’s in good health, but he just wants time for himself.”

  2. Former Celebrity “Nah I made my money im gonna piece out and live life how I want”

    Next minute – Private investigator bugs your car because apparently the world just has to know what you’re up to.

    He’s currently suing that private investigator for bugging his car (over a year before Simmons found out it was there).

  3. There was a great podcast about Simmons being missing that was a gripping story until the very end where they finally found out that he was just in his house chilling and not really missing.

  4. There was a lot of cruelty towards him. He never has to work again. I don’t blame him for disappearing from the public eye. I wish people would leave him alone.

  5. I met him in 2010. He was an absolute gem of a human being. He recorded a video for my Mom for mother’s day. He looked gassed. You can poke fun at the man if you want but he’s touched more lives than you think.

  6. There was a podcast about this i used to listen to. Very shady but ultimately police investigated and concluded Simmons wanted to be left alone

  7. Just found this whole thing super interesting. Especially as I didn’t even realize he was missing.

    He’s seemingly spoke since but I couldnt find anything that showed he’d been out in the public.

  8. Much love to the guy but is there really a place for him in modern media? I guess he could host some kind of reality show but maybe he just doesn’t care for that.

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