TIL Rickenbacker had just created a 12 string electric guitar, and took the prototype to NYC in Feb 1964. Gave it to John, who gave it to George, who used it for A Hard Days Night. Roger McGuinn (Byrds) studied the instruments in the movie, and immediately ordered one, creating a signature sound.

Read more: https://guitar.com/guides/essential-guide/oral-history-rickenbacker-12-string/

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  1. Mike Campbell of the Heartbreakers bought a used Rickenbacker 12 string found on local classifieds and it’s the serial number after Harrison’s.

    Im going to assume this is in the article.

  2. Also Rickenbackers are strung differently than “normal” 12 strings, the lower pitch strings are on top. Makes for an entirely different sound when picking and strumming.

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