TIL RIP Medical Debt is a charity that purchases medical debt on the debt collection market, and then pays it off to forgive the debt. It has paid off almost $7 billion dollars of medical debt to-date, helping more than 3.6 million families.

Read more: https://grow.acorns.com/rip-medical-debt-sends-surprise-letters-clearing-peoples-medical-debt/

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  1. I am happy there are people who do this but I am amazed/shocked that the conditions that require it exist. How can you consider yourself a first world country when people are held to ransom like this?

  2. I’m pretty dense on this kind of stuff so forgive me if this is a dumb question but why would they have to pay it off if they purchased the debt? Wouldn’t they just be paying themselves if they’re the owner of the debt?

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