TIL River sharks are a thing

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/River_shark

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  1. I worked on an excursion riverboat where the first deck was very close to the water, and kids putting their hands or feet in the water while underway was something we always had to stop for safety reasons. But when there was a large group of children aboard, like a school field trip, the captain would get on the PA and actually encourage the kids drag their hands or feet in the water. “Because this is mud shark season, and that’s the best way to get one to come up and snap. Just pull away before they bite your hand or foot off.” This counterintuitive announcement was way better at keeping them from doing it than a stern warning about debris in the water or whatever.

  2. I use to watch a show called monster quest where they would hear stories about big foot and dinosaurs or something like that, and put up a bunch of trail cams and never catch anything.

    One time they did one on river sharks in the mid west. I thought it was going nowhere like usual, but they ended up getting not only video of a shark, but a Greenland shark. A really rare shark that lives 400 years and we know little about. They’re also really big. Almost great white size.

    Jeremy Wade had a great episode on them when he was looking for an explanation for the loch ness monster.

  3. All the way up north of St. Louis on the Mississippi, crazy crazy crazy. I’ve witnessed on video at least 2 (I think 3) people hook bull sharks while fishing freshwater rivers in the US.

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