TIL: Robert Liston a Scottish surgeon said to have performed the removal of a limb in 28 seconds, accidentally amputating his assistant surgeon’s fingers, causing the patient and assistant to die of sepsis, and a witness reportedly dying of shock, making this surgery the deadliest in history

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Liston#Reputation

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  1. How do you even???
    Like did use a fucking axe to chop the limb while asking his assistant to hold it. While he was seeing triple cause he was tripping balls on acid, or some shit?

  2. Feels important to mention that 28 seconds was an average time for removing a damaged limb. Surgeons did that very quicky with a specific curved blade, followed by what was essentially a hammer and chizzle to break the bone. Whole process was designed to be as fast as possible, typically the patient died of sepsis anyway because of zero sterilization.

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