TIL: Royal navy ships follow a strict naming convention: capital ships held inspiration names: Victorious, Formidable, Conquerer. Letter classes e.g. B-class: Boxer, Bulldog, Basilisk. Generic classes e.g. weapon class: Broadsword, longbow, spear or cathedral class: York, Exeter.

Read more: https://www.freelancetraveller.com/features/shipyard/naming.html

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  1. TIL so did the United States Navy for many years, following a system set up by Theodore Roosevelt when he was Secretary of the Navy. But then they screwed it up, creating an entirely new system without getting rid of the old one and making exceptions for living politicians as political payoffs.

  2. “capital ships held inspiration names: Victorious, Formidable, Conquerer”

    Those were all aircraft carriers. Battleships were largely named for either admirals or members of the royal family, plus random things like Warspite.

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