TIL sandplay therapy, the playing with sand & objects in a tray, can facilitate a healing process as the unconscious expresses itself in the sand & influences the sand player. The effectiveness of play therapy is comparable to that of psychotherapy

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Play_therapy

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  1. Most play therapy can exhibit similar responses. It’s not specific to sand play. It’s a safe place whereby when a child’s hands are occupied they can express their emotions.

  2. > Sandplay therapy can be used during family therapy. The limitations presented by the boundaries of the sandtray can serve as physical and symbolic limitations to families in which boundary distinctions are an issue. Also when a family works together on a sandtray, the therapist may make several observations, such as unhealthy alliances, who works with whom, which objects are selected to be incorporated into the sandtray, and who chooses which objects. A therapist may assess these choices and intervene in an effort to guide the formation of healthier relationships

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