TIL Sears once sold homes through their catalog. These kits included everything a home required, incl plumbing, heating, wiring, etc. Parts arrived by train to the buyer, who then had to assemble it themselves. Many of these houses still stand today!

Read more: http://www.searsarchives.com/homes/1908-1914.htm

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  1. I am a claims adjuster and have run across several Sears homes in the last 20 years. All were very well built. Something else that was interesting is that a couple had garages that were made out of the crates. On the inside, it had the shipping destination, crate number, etc. I would imagine that the crates were for the hardware.

  2. I lived in a Sears Roebuck home for 17 years. It was and still is beautiful in a neighborhood with many other Sears homes. There is railroad siding nearby where I’m told all the homes were delivered.

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