TIL songwriter Rick Springfield became so frustrated at being confused with Bruce Springsteen he recorded the song ‘Bruce’ based on his experiences, singing “it started being a bother when he made the cover of Time”. He eventually got famous with ‘Jessie’s Girl’, beating Bruce to a Grammy in 1981.

Read more: https://www.springsteenlyrics.com/lyrics.php?song=bruce

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  1. I seem to remember Jackie Chan being in the music video, or the song being featured in a Jackie Chan movie. Chan had a similar “Bruce” problem, people would confuse him with Bruce Lee. (I did a cursory search for the video but didn’t find anything.)

  2. And after the “race to first Grammy” the boss beat Rick in pretty much everything else. He now has 20 Grammy’s (nominated for 50), and is an Emmy away from the EGOT.

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