TIL sperm oil(whales) was used in automotive transmissions until the 1970s. When they stopped using it, transmission failures rose significantly.

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sperm_oil?wprov=sfti1

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  1. Sperm whale oil was also used on Nasa’s deepspace probes as lubricant because nothing else seemed to hold up to the temperature differentials and still keep its lubricant qualities as well. I would find it ironic if aliens came accross the Voyager space prope , analyzed it, somehow ignored the golden disc and came across Sperm whale dna then assume thats who sent the probe. Whales get the last laugh indeed…

  2. whales are so clever.

    you lock a few whales in a few tanks and this is how they repay us for kidnapping them and giving them free Valium, and the odd sea world trainer.

  3. From 1 million in 1972 to 8 million in 1975, after the ban.

    I’m surprised some chemists haven’t cooked up a purely petroleum-derived identical mix of chems yet. You know the oil industry would want that.

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